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The influence of land use mix, density and urban design on health

Date: July 2012
Category: Report
Author: Karen Croucher, Alison Wallace, Steven Duffy

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This review of the literature on the influence of land use mix, density and design on health has been commissioned by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and the Scottish Health Impact Assessment Network. The aims of the review were to build on an earlier review of the influence of the physical characteristics of urban neighbourhoods and health (Croucher et al, 2007), and to explore the health impacts of land use mix, in both urban and rural settings. The design features promoted in two design guides published by the Scottish Executive, Designing Places (Scottish Executive, 2008), and Designing Streets (Scottish Executive, 2010), were used as the starting point of the review.  The findings of the evidence reviewed accord with the design features in these policy documents. Creating places with identity, that are safe and pleasant, that facilitate the ease of movement, are welcoming, adaptable and sustainable are all evidenced as health promoting.