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Psychological, social and biological determinants of ill health (pSoBid)

Date: March 2013
Category: Report
Work programme: pSoBid
Author: Dr Jennifer McLean

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The pSoBid study examined the psychological, social, behavioural and biological determinants of ill health within population groups in Glasgow that differed in socioeconomic status and in their susceptibility to develop chronic disease, especially coronary heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. The study also explored these aetiological links to try to identify potential explanatory pathways for the burden of physical and mental ill health in deprived communities.

pSoBid brought together expertise from social epidemiology, public health, biochemistry, psychology, neuroscience and genetics to build a better understanding of why living in poorer, more stressful circumstances results in higher levels of disease and ill-health. This report presents the background to the study, a review of relevant literature, the full study methodology and key findings to date as a series of abstracts from academic published papers. It also presents the public health implications of these findings and outlines the next steps and future direction for pSoBid.