Work Themes

Phase 3 (2012-2015) of the Centre has seen a shift from programmes of work to a smaller number of consolidated themes of activity. 

Our current work programme focuses on four themes:

  • Understanding Glasgow’s health
  • Urban health
  • Poverty, disadvantage and the economy
  • Asset based approaches and resilience

These themes have evolved from the broad foundations of the Centre’s work during Phases 1 (2004 to 2009) and 2 (2009 to 2012). In some instances there has been continuity of work programmes throughout Phases 1-3, while in others, early work initiated by the GCPH has been developed by others while we provide a supportive role.

Most often, however, the Phase 3 work reflects the bringing together of insights from a number of areas of work, in order to inform and influence action to improve the city’s health and tackle inequality.

Within each of the four themes, there are a number of projects or programmes. These represent a mix of short- and longer-term projects, with all work developed and delivered in association with a range of research and delivery partners.

In addition to work described under the four themes, there is a body of work that is not theme-based and cuts across all the work themes. This includes the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

To facilitate this, we have a formal partnership with the International Futures Forum – facilitating reflection and learning about what needs to be done for the persistent obstacles to achieving a healthier population to be overcome, and helping to build a consciousness of a different future.