Understanding Glasgow’s health

This theme incorporates a number of areas of work that examine health and its determinants at national, regional and city levels. As such, the theme has direct links to, and informs, a considerable amount of the work that takes place across our span of activity. 

Among a number of different components, the theme aims to achieve a significantly clearer understanding of which factors are, and which are not, contributing to the high levels of  ‘excess mortality’ observed in Glasgow and Scotland; and, where appropriate and possible, to formulate policy recommendations to address this new understanding. 

Connections through our partners and more widely will enable these, and other analyses, to inform local and national processes and priorities. 

Key components of this theme include: 

In addition to the epidemiological analyses at the core of this theme, the Phase 3 work will bring qualitative research insights alongside the quantitative and continue to develop ways to make population health information accessible and useful to non-specialist audiences.