Urban health

This theme is concerned with the ways in which the urban environment (physical, social, economic and cultural) and the consequences of demographic change affect health. 

Like our Understanding Glasgow theme, it builds on several longstanding projects (such as the GoWell and Healthy Urban Planning programmes) as well as more recent developments such as the school food environment; active sustainable travel; and neighbourhood management structures. 

The overarching aim within this theme is to distill local policy and practice recommendations to support population health and sustainable communities, in the face of current trends/ evidence and unknown futures. Work within this theme maintains a future orientation and reflects the need to think differently about city strategies and processes, particularly in relation to inequalities in the physical, social and economic environment. 

Key components include: 

• Physical and social regeneration: studying the processes and impacts of neighbourhood based regeneration 

• Healthy urban environments and placemaking: supporting the ‘mainstreaming’ of attention to health and wellbeing within urban planning and design processes

• Sustainability, transport and travel: using knowledge about active, sustainable travel to influence decision-making 

• Neighbourhood effects on young people’s health: building on the Centre’s research concerning the school food environment 

Afternow: supporting the development and application of this body of work, within Glasgow and beyond. 

A summary of past learning from the urban health theme and information on its future direction is available (PDF).