East Glasgow Community Health Profile

This profile is one of ten community health and wellbeing profiles that have been compiled by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health  for the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board area. Each profile provides indicators for a range of health outcomes (e.g. life expectancy, mortality,hospitalisation) and health determinants (e.g. smoking levels, breastfeeding, income, employment, crime, education).

These profiles build on the success of both the 2004 community health profiles published by NHS Health Scotland, and of the ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ report published by the GCPH in April 2006.

Each community profile comprises a series of maps, together with trend and ‘spine’ graphs of health indicators for each neighbourhood/intermediate zone in a community and for the community as a whole. The indicators used are similar to those used in the 2004 profiles, although many of those used previously have new and slightly different definitions, and thus are not directly comparable with the previous profiles. A number of new indicators have also been included.

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