Covid listing imageThe COVID-19 pandemic and its associated mitigation and control measures have had a substantial impact on us all, and in particular those who were already affected by inequalities. 

Recovering from a shock or crisis rarely means getting back to an earlier pre-crisis state. Instead, a new set of circumstances are often generated by both the crisis and the response to it. We have been undertaking work in various areas to help support, inform and provide evidence for how we can collectively recover and rebuild a healthier and fairer future. 

In line with government advice, GCPH staff are currently working from home - here's how to contact us.

COVID-19: helpful resources
We gathered together some useful links to resources and support. 

Our response to COVID-19 and thoughts for the future
Our Associate Director, Pete Seaman, outlines how our work will respond to COVID-19 in the coming months and reflects on how we can move forward together. 

Food in uncertain times
Riikka Gonzalez looks at how COVID-19 has affected and exacerbated food poverty in the city and how the community food sector has responded to the challenge. 

Active travel during a pandemic (Urban Big Data Centre blog)
Bruce Whyte discusses work with the Urban Big Data Centre and Glasgow City Council to monitor cycling and pedestrian counts in Glasgow and what this data tells us about active travel during the pandemic and in the future.

Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland (CNS): exploring local responses to COVID-19
CNS is now undertaking a new piece of research, in partnership with Policy Scotland, to understand the impact of COVID-19 on families with children and how services and organisations are responding to it.

Coping with the COVID-19 pandemic: the central role of home
Lisa Garnham reflects on research around the importance of ‘home’ for mental health and how this evidence could shape our response to the COVID-19 outbreak.