• 04 September 2013

    Exploring challenges to the alcohol and drugs agenda: workshop

    Location: The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU
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    This workshop explored emerging challenges to the alcohol and drugs agenda in Glasgow and was run by the GCPH and the International Futures Forum as part of the GRAND week (Get Real About Alcohol ‘n’ Drugs). 

    An event report is available to download here.

    Who attended?

    Alcohol and Drugs Services, Community Groups, Alcohol and Drug Partnership members, Community Planning Partnerships, Public Health and Health Improvement teams, Voluntary Sector organisations with a remit for alcohol and drug services and other interested individuals and agencies. 

    What was the aim?

    To use the Understanding Glasgow website to explore our responses to some of the challenges facing the city, such as welfare reform, current economic climate and other important factors shaping day-to-day living. The workshop will take account of the wider determinants of population health such as housing, the economy and the environment. 

    Who was involved?

    Bruce Whyte, Public Health Programme Manager at the Glasgow Centre of Population Health (GCPH) and Andrew Lyon, Converger with the International Futures Forum (IFF) will facilitate the workshop. The IFF work alongside GCPH and have a longstanding record of being involved in addressing “complex, messy, seemingly intractable issues”. 

    What were the outcomes?

    With reference to alcohol and drugs, the workshop will encourage participants to identify the wider determinants of health that challenge the city’s resilience and develop a statement of intent to make progress from where we are currently. 

    How to book

    To book a place please email Ricky Fleming or call on 0141 287 6959 

    More information

    If you would like to know more about the event please ask for Bruce or Deborah on 0141 287 6959.