• 20 June 2014

    Glasgow's Healthier Future Forum 15

    Location: Trades Hall of Glasgow, 85 Glassford Street, Glasgow, G1 1UH
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    The 15th Healthier Future Forum discussed research into Scotland's, and particularly Glasgow's, levels of 'excess' mortality - that is, mortality over and above that explained by socio-economic deprivation.

    Premature mortality in Glasgow has been shown to be 30% higher than in Liverpool and Manchester - English cities with strikingly similar deprivation profiles. This, and other research into the 'excess' experienced in Scotland as a whole compared to the rest of the UK, has prompted considerable theorising as to its causes. A considerable amount of research has been undertaken recently into the phenomenon (including the many proposed theories), and the aim of this HFF was to provide an overview and synthesis of this research to allow participants to consider collectively its implications, and to help develop a coherent understanding of the likely drivers, as well as potential responses.

    Prof Carol Tannahill, Director, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, opened and chaired the event, which included presentations from:

    • David Walsh (Glasgow Centre for Population Health) 
    • Pete Seaman (Glasgow Centre for Population Health)
    • Gerry McCartney (NHS Health Scotland) 

    A group discussion and feedback session at the end of the morning was facilitated by Prof Phil Hanlon, University of Glasgow, and allowed the opportunity for further comment and more in-depth discussion.

    You can now download the presentations from the Forum. To view, click on the links below.