• 23 November 2016

    Glasgow's Healthier Future Forum 18

    Location: St Andrew's in the Square, 1 St Andrew's Square, Glasgow, G1 5PP
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    Perspectives on Place: Understanding and building community, belonging and participation through research. How can it inform action to tackle health inequalities?

    Poverty is a main driver of health inequalities, but there are many causes of inequality that are complex and interconnected. Within this context, ‘place-based’ approaches have been seen as a means of working together with, and within communities to improve quality of life. There are a variety of approaches ranging from those focusing on joining up service delivery to those with a community led, person-centred approach. 

    This Healthier Future Forum provided an opportunity to explore some of the different perspectives on place-based approaches and helped draw lessons from their application. Findings were presented to highlight work from What Works Scotland and GCPH on place-based approaches, providing insights to support the development and delivery of effective place-based solutions. 

    Andy Milne, Chief Executive, SURF chaired the event, which opened with three presentations from Glasgow Centre for Population Heath from Pete Seaman, Russell Jones and Lisa Garnham. The latter part of the morning included a presentation from Nick Watson, Lead Director, What Works Scotland followed by a round table discussion and feedback to allow the opportunity for further comment and more in-depth discussion. Andy Milne, SURF summed up and closed the event.

    You can now download the presentations from the Forum. To view, click on the links below.

    Representing Dennistoun: Developing the creative power of people to improve health and well-being Pete Seaman, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

    Weathering Change Russell Jones, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

    Exploring Neighbourhood Change: Life, history and health inequality across four Glasgow communities Lisa Garnham, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

    Evaluating place-based approaches Nick Watson, Lead Director, What Works Scotland

    Download a summary document from the event

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