• 08 December 2016

    Seminar Series 13: Lecture 2 - Prof Graham Watt

    Location: The Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DB
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    Prof Graham Watt, Norrie Miller Professor of General Practice, University of Glasgow

    'Re-imagining the NHS: Lessons from General Practice at the Deep End'

    Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board includes 84 of the 100 most deprived general practice populations in Scotland. Until 2009, they had never been convened or consulted as a collective by anyone. Seven years into the Deep End Project, they have developed an identity, voice, profile, coherence, shared activity and impact. 

    The Inverse Care Law remains a fundamental problem, barely mentioned in official reports but capping what general practices can do and putting the rest of the NHS under pressure. A decade of preferential investment in specialist services, in primary and secondary care, has made life difficult for patients, especially patients with multi-morbidity. 

    General Practitioners at the Deep End have argued for more time with patients, better use of serial encounters, general practices as the natural hubs of local health systems, better connections across the front line, more support from central services and new models of leadership, sharing power, resource and responsibility. 

    In this talk, Graham shared some of the experience, views and aspirations of Deep End Projects, including the Link Worker Programme, Govan SHIP, Care Plus, the Parkhead Financial Advice Project and the Pioneer Scheme. 

    Professor Graham Watt, MD FRCGP FRSE FMedSci is Norie Miller Professor of General Practice, University of Glasgow (1994-2016).  He is an Aberdeen medical graduate (1976) and trained in general practice, epidemiology and public health. He worked with Dr Julian Tudor Hart in South Wales from 1982-1986. Graham was Head of Glasgow University Department of General Practice from 1994-2009; Chair of the Midspan Studies Steering Group from 2002-2015; and Coordinator of General Practitioners at the Deep End from 2009-2016

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