• 07 March 2017

    Seminar Series 13: Lecture 4 - Dr Daniel Wahl - postponed

    Location: Postponed
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    Event postponed, details on a rescheduled date to follow.

    Dr Daniel Wahl, Consultant and Educator in Regenerative Development

    'Designing Regenerative Cultures - Facilitating the emergence of whole systems health'

    In his seminar, Dr. Wahl will explore a whole systems understanding of sustainability and health: the fundamental connection between regenerative cultures, healthy communities and ecosystems and planetary health. He will speak from his 20 years of experience in local and global work on sustainable development, and his recent involvement with the Commonwealth Secretariat's 'Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change' programme and UNESCO's Global Action Plan for implementing the 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) at the community scale. Health, is an emergent property of complex dynamic systems in which we are all participants with creative agency. The emergence of health depends on our appropriate participation in these unpredictable and constantly transforming systems. To guide such appropriate participation we may have to shift our focus from permanent answers and solutions to asking the right questions which allow us to continuously adapt to a changing and uncertain future. This focus on questions, as well as transient answers and solutions, is the central theme Dr. Wahl explores in his recent book Designing Regenerative Cultures.

    Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl works internationally as a consultant and educator in regenerative development, whole systems design, and transformative innovation. He holds degrees in biology (Univ. of Edinburgh and Univ. of California) and holistic science (Schumacher College) and his 2006 doctoral thesis (Univ. of Dundee) was on Design for Human and Planetary Health. He was director of Findhorn College between 2007 and 2010, and is a member of the International Futures Forum, a fellow of the RSA, a Findhorn Foundation Fellow and on the advisory council of the Ojai Foundation. His clients have included UNITAR (with CIFAL Scotland), UK Foresight (with Decision Integrity Ltd), Ecover (with Forum for the Future), Bioneers (with the Progression Foundation), the Dubai Futures Foundation (with Tellart), The Commonwealth (with Cloudburst Foundation), Gaia Education, the Global Ecovillage Network, the State of the World Forum, Balears.t, Camper, and many educational NGOs, universities, and design schools. He is co-founder of Biomimicry Iberia (2012), and has been collaborating with ‘SmartUIB’ at the University of the Balearic Islands since 2014. His recent book Designing Regenerative Cultures, published by Triarchy Press in the UK in May 2016, had already gained international acclaim. 


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