• 02 December 2010

    Glasgow's Healthier Future Forum 10

    Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow, G2 8DL
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    Glasgow's Healthier Future Forum 10 was held on Thursday 2 December 2010 at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The issues of mental health and inequalities formed the focus of this event.

    The forum aimed to encourage dialogue and debate and to link research and practice with national and local policy making. A range of practitioners, researchers and policy makers were present, with speakers from the Scottish Government, Mental Health Foundation Scotland, the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, and other projects from Dundee and Glasgow.

    Event report: Download PDF

    Presentation slides:

    • 'Evidence: Mental Health Indicators' - Deborah Shipton, Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Download PDF
    • 'The Business Case: Why public mental health should be a priority for Scottish Ministers' - Isabella Goldie, Mental Health Foundation. Download PDF
    • 'What might we do about inequalities in mental health?' - Dr Pauline Craig, Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Download PDF
    • 'Mainstreaming Mental Health in Glasgow City Council Services' - Chris O'Sullivan, Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health. Download PDF
    • 'Primary Care Mental Health and Inequalities' - Dr Michael Ross, STEPS. Download PDF
    • 'Tackling inequalities within mental health services in East Glasgow' - Neil Quinn, Positive Mental Attitudes. Download PDF
    • 'Equally Well Test Site for Mental Wellbeing: StobsWELLbeing'-Sheila McMahon, Equally Well*. Download PDF

    *Due to adverse weather this presentation did not run on the day.