Connecting Communities consultation

12 October 2020

A new consultation was recently launched by Glasgow City Council to encourage a public conversation about the future of transport in Glasgow.

There are different ways to participate in the Connecting Communities consultation:

The findings from the consultation will help shape transport policy for the city and will feed into three new strategic plans: a new Transport Strategy for the whole city, a city centre transformation plan and a liveable neighbourhoods plan.

Policies will be created in support of these three plans with four major themes put forward for discussion:

  • Priority for people, not vehicles
  • Better, cheaper integrated transport systems
  • People friendly, inclusive neighbourhoods and city centre
  • Cleaner and low carbon transport

We have undertaken considerable research on health and sustainable transport, providing evidence about the impact of new walking and cycling routes, assessing usage of the city’s bike hire scheme, highlighting the health and economic benefits of active travel and bringing attention to issues like rising cyclist casualty rates.

We support this consultation and would encourage as many people as possible to engage in this process to help shape how we move around our city in the future and to reduce the negative impacts of the current transport system.