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11 November 2020

We are recruiting for a Senior Public Health Research Specialist (Responding to racialised underrepresentation in public health).

In support of our work to address structural inequalities, we are committed to understand better and address the causes of racialised underrepresentation in public health. We are recruiting a specialist post to support this.

The role will explore two interrelated issues: racialised underrepresentation in public health data and priority setting and, inequalities within the public health workforce, particularly in leadership positions. It will be crucial for the postholder to identify opportunities and support action that can begin to address historical underrepresentation.

The post is intended as a developmental role and we encourage applications from candidates who can demonstrate a long-standing commitment to issues of racialised health inequalities in paid and/or unpaid roles.

Further information on the post including the job description, application process and closing date can be found on the NHS Scotland recruitment website.

If you know people who may be interested in applying or finding out more information, please do share this around your networks.

This position builds on continuing work at GCPH to understand the causes and address the consequences of racialised underrepresentation in public health.

Under the Equality Act 2010, Section 159, we reserve the right to take positive action in recruitment of this post in relation to

(a) persons who share a protected characteristic suffer a disadvantage connected to the characteristic, or

(b) participation in an activity by persons who share a protected characteristic is disproportionately low.