How racism shapes our health

07 June 2021

Catch up on our recent webinar with the recording, podcast and presentation slides.

We were delighted that Professor David Williams could join us on 12th May, as part of our seminar series, to deliver a timely and keynote seminar to explain why, and how, race matters so profoundly for health. 

This webinar is one component of a body of work and concerted public health effort led by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and Dr Ima Jackson, Co-Chair of the Scottish Migrant and Ethnic Health Research Strategy Group, in collaboration with Public Health Scotland, to develop understanding of racism and racialisation as fundamental determinants of health in Scotland. 

This webinar brought together community members with experience of racialisation and public health leads in research, policy and service provision in Scotland, to listen and learn together in our pursuit to mainstream the understanding of racism as a fundamental cause of health inequality. 

The seminar has encouraged us all to reflect on the contribution we can make to dismantle and tackle racialised inequalities in health in Scotland. We are continuing to reflect on what it means for our own practice and the collaborative work we hope to develop in response. 

Watch the webinar on YouTube. 

Listen to the webinar as a podcast. 

Download the presentation (PDF).

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