Understanding Glasgow Understanding Glasgow mandala

We have led the development of health and wellbeing indicators for the city since 2010. The ‘Glasgow Indicators’ are held on the Understanding Glasgow website (launched in January 2011).

The indicators and website are the product of a collaboration among the city’s main public agencies, pulling together information from many sources. The site provides new insights, identifies key trends and comparisons, and highlights some striking statistics about Scotland’s largest city in an engaging and accessible way.

Since its launch a set of children’s indicators have been added to the site, a section of case studies of community projects using assets-based approaches, a series of short films about life in Glasgow and a learning zone, which includes examples of Glasgow Game events.

The Glasgow Game is based on the World Game, developed by the International Futures Forum, and is an interactive way for a group to engage in a conversation about the important issues facing Glasgow and to create recommendations regarding future actions to address challenges. The game is structured around the indicators held on the Understanding Glasgow website.