The Glasgow Game

The Glasgow Game is based on the World Game, developed by the International Futures Forum, and is an interactive way for a group to engage in a conversation about the important issues facing Glasgow and to create recommendations regarding future actions to address challenges. The game is structured around the indicators held on the Understanding Glasgow website. 

The game has been used to explore a range of strategic questions for the city:

  • How Glasgow can address the key challenges around drugs and alcohol
  • How the food environment in the city can be changed, and how can we support citizens to grow more food
  • How Glasgow might become a better connected city
  • How can spatial planning in the Greater Glasgow region (the second Strategic Development Plan (SDP2)) appropriately address health issues. 

Find out more about the game here. 

The Glasgow Game in a box is an offline 'board game' type version of the Glasgow Game, which is available on request from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health. We believe this version of the game will be particularly useful for schools and universities, but also for third sector organisations, community groups and planners. The game in the box was developed in recognition that in many circumstances it is easier to play the game offline i.e. not being dependent on an internet connection to access Understanding Glasgow.

If you would like to hire the game in a box, please contact Bruce Whyte.