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Analysis of Educational Outcomes of Big Noise Participants

Date: November 2022
Category: Report
Author: Chris Harkins

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Phase 2 of the GCPH evaluation of Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise programme marks the beginning of a summative evaluation which uses quantitative statistical analysis of life-course outcomes to assess the long-term impact of the Big Noise programme. This report focuses on the educational outcomes of Big Noise Raploch participants of school leaving age.  

The educational outcomes examined were post-school destination and ‘cumulative insight tariff. The statistical analysis compared the educational outcomes described between 89 Big Noise participants and a ‘control group’ of 887 other school leavers from across the wider Stirling Council area of a similar sociodemographic background, and who did not attend Big Noise. The statistical analysis in essence ‘adjusts’ or equivalises variances between the two groups in order to establish or ‘isolate’ the contribution that Big Noise participation has made to the educational outcomes described. 

The analysis presented in this report complements the wider evaluation findings which indicate that Big Noise has preventative impacts; promoting education, wellbeing, healthy behaviours, positive choices and a range of opportunities across the early years and school years.