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Glasgow’s bikeshare scheme: trends in use

Date: May 2023
Category: Report
Author: Lisa Garnham, Bruce Whyte

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The development of Glasgow’s bikeshare scheme is relevant to a range of local and national transport policies which aim to encourage more people to walk, cycle, and take public transport as part of a shift away from car use to more sustainable transport options.

This report provides insight into how the scheme has developed and the growth in its use since its inception in July 2014 until the end of July 2022. The potential health and environmental benefits of the scheme and how it may impact on transport inequalities in the city is also discussed. Suggestions about how and where the scheme could be developed and expanded in the future are put forward.

The infographic below highlights key information from the report.

Glasgow's bikeshare schemes: trends in use infographic-  if you require an accessible version or transcript, please email