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Evaluating the Impact of ‘The Big Eat In’ - Final Report

Date: January 2011
Category: Report
Author: ScotCen

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This report evaluates the success of the Big Eat In, a pilot exercise aimed at encouraging first year secondary school pupils to stay within school grounds at lunchtime, eating a healthy school meal and participating in lunchtime activities.

The report seeks to assess the impact of the pilot scheme on pupils' attitudes and behaviour regarding their lunchtime experience, school meals and healthy eating, and elicit views of parents/carers and school staff regarding the pilot.

The objectives are:

  • To explore the impact of the Big Eat In on:
    - School meal uptake
    - Pupils' attutudes and behaviour relating to school meals and  healthy eating
    - School staff and partners' views regarding pupils' attitudes and behaviour, the management of school lunchtime and the sustainability of the approach
    - Parents/carers' responses to stay on site school lunchtime policies
  • To identify differences in the approach used by pilot schools
  • To ascertain what worked well or less well