Chris Harkins
Senior Public Health Research Specialist


Phone: 0141 330 2039


Chris’ role contributes to the Centre’s Urban Health theme and involves taking forward research within community-based settings. In particular Chris leads on evaluating the impacts of community-based programmes and interventions; including assessing their contributions to addressing health and other inequalities. Chris is leading the evaluation of Sistema Scotland. Chris is also responsible for research and evaluation concerning approaches to community engagement and empowerment including Participatory Budgeting.  

Chris has published a variety of reports and outputs concerning community-based partnership approaches based on his evaluation of the Govanhill Equally Well test site. Chris also contributes to the Centre’s Poverty, Disadvantage and Economy theme and has published work relating to the population health impacts of In-work Poverty, moving forward within this theme Chris is conducting research in relation to pay-day lending, debt, health and wellbeing.

Chris’ background is in Social Science, Medical Science and IT, he is an experienced researcher and evaluator and has worked directly within NHS, Local Authority and academic settings. He has also worked extensively with the Scottish Government and a variety of third sector organisations over the past 16 years, not least in his contributions to adult literacy projects within Glasgow City and the evaluation of the Have a Heart Paisley National Demonstration Project. Chris lectures at Glasgow Caledonian University and is an Honorary Researcher with the University of Glasgow.

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