Let Glasgow Flourish

The landmark Let Glasgow Flourish report (2006) was a comprehensive, data-driven, review of health and its determinants in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Its purpose was to increase understanding, provoke debate and stimulate action.

The report summarised four main themes:

  • how Glasgow had changed as a place over time, particularly over the 25 years prior to publication.
  • the health profile of Glasgow: what was getting better, what was proving resistant to change and what was getting worse.
  • how we could make sense of these trends.
  • future challenges in relation to demography, economic factors, health behaviours and sustainability. 

Two briefing papers related to the report are also available, giving overviews of both the report itself and community responses to its findings. 

Note that the data in the report have since been updated, and expanded upon, to become part of the Understanding Glasgow website.