• 25 January 2012

    GCPH Seminar Series 8 Lecture 3 - Antony Morgan

    Location: Teacher Building, St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DB
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    The third seminar of Seminar Series 8 was delivered by Antony Morgan from the Centre for Public Health Excellence at NICE. 


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    Thinking and acting differently: An asset model for public health

    Very few people argue with the need to address the social determinants of health and much effort has already been made at national and international level to reduce persistent health inequities between and within countries. However, global health inequities continue to widen, as the effectiveness and quality of programmes vary considerably, sometimes resulting in the reverse of expected outcomes. Local political issues and cultural conflicts clearly play a part in these situations. However, the asset model proposed in ‘Health Assets in a Global Context’ suggests that it is the disproportionate emphasis between deficit and asset based approaches that prevent effective and sustained action. The former focuses on assessing health needs, sometimes ignoring the potential strengths of individuals and communities; the latter assesses multiple levels of health-promoting aspects in populations, and promotes joint solutions between communities and outside agencies.

    The Asset Model sets out a challenge for policy makers, researchers and practitioners to think and act differently to support positive joint solutions for health. It brings together a range of existing ideas to provide a framework for establishing the evidence base required to demonstrate the benefits to be gained from investing in asset based approaches.


    Antony Morgan is an epidemiologist and the Associate Director, Centre for Public Health Excellence for NICE. He is currently responsible for producing public health guidance across a range of public health topic areas, including inequalities, community engagement, social and emotional wellbeing of children, sexual health, alcohol misuse, quitting smoking during pregnancy, domestic violence and Hepatitis B and C.  

    Antony's research interests include: Social action for health (using the concept of social capital); Assets approaches to health and development (particularly in relation to adolescent health); and new methodologies for building an evidence base on social determinants of health.