• 17 February 2015

    Seminar Series 11: Lecture 4 - Andy Wightman

    Location: The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane , Glasgow, G1 3NU
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    Andy Wightman, Writer and Researcher

    Land reform as an engine of economic progress

    Andy Wightman is a writer and researcher on land rights and land reform. His books include Who Owns Scotland (1996), Community Land Rights, A Citizen's Guide (2009) and The Poor Had No Lawyers (2010). He has a particular interest in the relationship between land and property, governance, power and finance and runs the website and popular blog at

    In this talk, Andy explored the importance of land in the economy and society and argued that reform of land relations needs to be taken seriously as an engine of economic progress.  He highlighted issues of governance, ownership, debt, fiscal responsibility and the wider economic and social impacts of flawed land policies in Scotland, the UK and across the world.

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