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About GCPH

With a core focus on improving population health and reducing inequality, we conduct research of direct relevance to policy and practice, and work with partners to support change.

Who we are

We were established in April 2004 as part of the then Scottish Executive’s commitment to increase action on health improvement in Scotland. It was recognised that the scale and complexity of the challenge required new ways of thinking and working, centrally informed by research and evidence, and premised on new partnerships with local and national government; the public, third and private sectors; academia; and local communities.

We are a partnership between NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Glasgow City Council, and the University of Glasgow, funded by the Scottish Government.

This formal partnership enables us to work across the boundaries of research, policy and practice. It also enables us to respond to, align with, and influence, local and national priorities. In this way, we fulfil a distinct role within the public health landscape in Scotland.

What we do

We are based in, and our work has a substantial focus on, Glasgow, but is relevant much more widely – at a community and service-level, to other cities, nationally, and beyond. This focus on Glasgow and the West of Scotland has enabled an unprecedented depth of understanding and insight into underlying trends and what services, interventions and approaches can create better and more equal health. It has also enabled the development of the networks, relationships and trust necessary to deliver change.

Our work is focussed in two main areas of production:

  • Knowledge for Action: the production of evidence and knowledge about the patterns and causes of poor health and health inequality in Glasgow and Scotland.
  • Knowledge into Action: the identification and evaluation of policies and practical actions for improvement, and supporting partners to use relevant knowledge to shape local and national action and policy change.