Young people, gender and alcohol 

We have undertaken some work looking at young people, gender and alcohol. Our findings are outlined below.

Final report - Alcohol and gender in transitions to adulthood

Supporting briefing paper of the Alcohol and gender transitions to adulthood project

Companion to the full report - Creating better stories: Alcohol and gender in transitions to adulthood - this book contains young people's representations of drinking, information gathered during the research phase of this project. 

Download Alcohol: Through Our Eyes (PDF).

Journal Articles

'I don't think old people should go to clubs': how universal is the alcohol transition amongst young adults in the United Kingdom?
Peter Seaman, Theresa Ikegwuonu
Journal of Youth Studies Vol 14 No 7, November 2011, 745-759

The role of alcohol price in young adult drinking cultures in Scotland.
Peter Seaman, Theresa Ikegwuonu, Fiona Edgar
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy 
Posted online on February 6, 2013 (doi:10.3109/09687637.2013.765386)


Alcohol back in the spotlight 

How does gender shape our national relationship with alcohol?

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