Citizenship in the early years

Finding ways of fostering positive citizenship, resilient communities and effective leadership are key policy concerns in Scotland, along with providing services and initiating interventions to ensure that young children grow up in an environment that gives them the ‘best start in life’.

Furthermore, becoming a responsible citizen is one of the four goals of the Curriculum for Excellence which guides the educational provision made for children from 3- to 18-years of age. 

Evidence suggests that positive and responsive citizenship and leadership is a key asset at individual, family and community levels, raising questions about the ways in which these capacities might be fostered.

A review of the literature in this area was commissioned to the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection at the University of Stirling. Specifically the review explored:

  • the behaviours and characteristics of young children that might be associated with positive citizenship in their present or future lives, and;
  • the ways in which educational practices can contribute to building these assets in individuals and communities.

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