• 07 March 2011

    Where is the Public in Public Health?

    Location: Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN
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    Where is the Public in Public Health?

    Glasgow has the record as ‘the sick man of Europe’, but has a reputation for innovative thinking about public health alongside community-driven models for change. What is the overall picture of public health in the city, and how can we best aid and support long lasting and fundamental change both in individual attitudes and at the level of society?

    'Where is the Public in Public Health' was part of the Reimagining Scotland series of discussions looking at issues and debates for Scotland’s future. Speakers were: Professor Phil Hanlon, Dept of Public Health, University of Glasgow; Fiona Crawford, Glasgow Centre for Population Health; Dr Gerry McCartney, NHS Health Scotland; Isabella Goldie, Mental Health Foundation Scotland*. The event was chaired by Dr Rosie Ilett, Glasgow Centre for Population Health.



    Part 1: Professor Phil Hanlon

    Phil Hanlon Aye Right

    Part 2: Dr Gerry McCartney

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    Part 3: Fiona Crawford

    fiona crawford aye right.mp3

    Part 4: Neil Quinn

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    This event was organised as part of 'Aye Write', Glasgow's book festival. More information can be found on the Aye Write website.

    * Isabella Goldie was unable to attend as advertised, and her place was instead taken by Neil Quinn.