• 31 March 2011

    Glasgow's Healthier Future Forum 11

    Location: Glasgow Science Centre , Glasgow, G51 1EA
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    The 11th Healthier Future Forum took place on Thursday 31 March 2011 at Glasgow Science Centre. Taking the focus of 'a resilient Glasgow', this event presented indicators of progress and drew upon newly developed conceptual models to improve understanding about Glasgow's health. Delegates were encouraged to think about Glasgow's past, its present and its future and what might be the key components of a more resilient city.

    Event report:
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    Event programme: Download PDF 

    Presentation slides:

    • 'Understanding Glasgow: The Glasgow Indicators Project' - Bruce Whyte, Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Download PDF
    • 'Emergent planning for a resilient Glasgow' - Prof Phil Hanlon, University of Glasgow; Prof Carol Tannahill, Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Download PDF

    Postcards to the Future

    Postcards to the futureParticipants at GHFF11 were invited to write postcards to the inhabitants of a future Glasgow, outlining their vision of an improved city and what action should be taken now to achieve it. 

    Dear Future Glasgow,
    You are now a city where....
    This has been helped by a decision we took in 2011 to...

    Click below to view a selection of those submissions.

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    Postcards 13 Postcard 14 Postcard 15

    A full transcript of all forty postcards is included in the event report.