• 29 April 2014

    Seminar Series 10: Lecture 6 - Prof Kevin Morgan

    Location: St Andrew's In The Square, 1 St Andrew's Square, Glasgow, G1 5PP
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    Prof Kevin Morgan

    Dean of Engagement, Professor of Governance and Development, School of Planning and Geography, University of Cardiff

    In this lecture, Prof Kevin Morgan explained why cities are becoming food policy actors for a whole series of reasons, largely to do with public health, social justice and ecological integrity.  He gave examples of urban food pioneers from North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe, focusing in particular on the politics of the public plate, showing how cities are using their power of purchase to deliver good food to vulnerable consumers. The lecture also discussed what governments and civil society can do to promote good food for all.

    ‘Prof Kevin Morgan is Dean of Engagement at Cardiff University and has been researching sustainable food issues for more than a decade. He is the co-author of Worlds of Food: Place, Power and Provenance in the Food Chain (Oxford University Press) and The School Food Revolution: Public Food and the Challenge of Sustainable Development (Earthscan). In addition to his academic work, he is actively involved in food policy debates as a member of the Food Ethics Council, Chair of the Bristol Food Policy Council, and a member of the Advisory Group of the Sustainable Food Cities Network. His new book is entitled Foodscapes of Hope: The Politics of the Public Plate (MIT Press)’. 

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