• 23 November 2023

    GCPH Seminar Series 20: Seminar 2

    Location: University of Strathclyde, Technology & Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD
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    Health inequalities: What's changed and what now? 

    Led by:

    Dr David Walsh, Public Health Programme Manager, Glasgow Centre for Population Health; and Prof Gerry McCartney, Professor of Wellbeing Economy, University of Glasgow

    This second seminar in Seminar Series 20 will reviewed how health inequalities have changed in Scotland over the past 20 years since the establishment of the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, our understanding of those changes, and what that means for ongoing efforts to improve health and tackle inequality.

    Dr David Walsh and Prof Gerry McCartney outlined exactly what has changed in relation to health inequalities over the period, and importantly what has driven those changes. On the journey to understanding where we are now and how we got here, they took a look back at what the trends showed 20 years ago when Scotland’s health divergence from Western Europe (and Glasgow’s divergence from other UK cities) was becoming clearer, and discussed the detailed, comparative, UK and international research that followed. Bringing the discussion to the present, they outlined the most recent, deeply concerning, trends which have seen a new form of inequality emerge, and which urgently require concerted action to prevent these worsening further. 

    The seminar was Chaired by award-winning journalist, Dani Garavelli.   

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