• 23 May 2006

    Seminar Series 2 Lecture 6 - Prof A C Grayling

    Location: Glasgow

    Prof A C Grayling, Professor of Philosophy, Birkbeck College, University of London: 'Civic humanism and conversation about the good life'

    Key ideas:

    • Civic humanism - an attempt to describe governance, human motivation and behaviour without recourse to the divine.
    • Civic conversation - a process by which ideas, norms, values and behaviours are developed, recognised and enacted.
    • Eudemonia - the outward appearance of living the good life. Described as having made contributions to the common good as well as benefiting from this over the period of one's life.
    • Inequality and its effect on participation and how to change this.
    • Motivation and how this occurs.
    • The Good Life and how to describe it.

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