• 13 February 2007

    Seminar Series 3 Lecture 4 - Prof David Hunter

    Location: Glasgow

    Prof David Hunter, Professor of Health Policy and Management / Director of the Centre for Public Policy and Health, School for Health and Wolfson Research Institute, Durham University / Chair of the UK Public Health Association: 'The Crisis of Confidence'.

    Key ideas:

    • Complex Adaptive System: a collection of individual agents with freedom to act in ways that are not always totally predictable, and whose actions are interconnected so that one agent’s actions changes the context for other agents. Plsek and Greenhalgh (2001), British Medical Journal
    • The Public Health System: The concept of a public health system describes a complex network of individuals and organisations that have the potential to play critical roles in creating the conditions for health. They can act for health individually, but when they work together toward a health goal, they act as a system – a public health system. Institute of Medicine (2003) 

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