• 24 November 2006

    Socioeconomic change seminar series

    Location: Glasgow

    The Glasgow Centre for Population Health hosted a series of three seminars based around socioeconomic change in Glasgow and the surrounding conurbation. These seminars were intended to test ideas generated by the work completed on behalf of GCPH by James Arnott, Senior Economic Development Officer with Glasgow City Council.

    Friday 24 November '06: The Changing Geography of Deprivation

    Chaired by Prof Ivan Turok, Professor of Urban Economic Development, Department of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow

    The results of the recent Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2006 appear to show progress in reducing deprivation in Glasgow. This seminar presented and explored these data in relation not only to what they tell us about past approaches to tackling multiple deprivation in Glasgow but also what they might mean for the future. How profound is the change that has taken place? What can we imply about our approaches to more deprived areas in the city?

    Changing Geography Of Deprivation Summary

    Friday 1 December 06: The City and the Conurbation: A Comparison

    Chaired by Dr Carol Tannahill, Director, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

    To what extent can Glasgow and the surrounding conurbation be seen as a coherent socioeconomic entity? Is there a fracture developing between the city on one hand, and the surrounding conurbation on the other? If so, is this a general urban phenomenon, or is it something specific to Glasgow? Again, the effects of past policies and implications for the future were explored.

    The City And The Conurbation Summary

    Friday 8 December 06: Glasgow: Transformation City

    Chaired by Prof David Donnison, Emeritus Professor - Hon Senior Research Fellow, Department of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow

    How can we make sense of the changes in Glasgow over the last thirty to forty years? Was Glasgow typical of most UK industrial urban centres or was there something more specific about the change in Glasgow, and why did deprivation become such an issue for the city? Given the signs of a significant upturn in Glasgow’s fortunes, how should we plan for the future?

    Glasgow Transformation City Summary