• 09 November 2006

    Glasgow's Healthier Future Forum 4

    Location: The Lighthouse, Glasgow

    GHFF4 offered participants a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the concept and application of 'Positive Deviance' (PD). The Forum was led by Jerry and Monique Sternin of the Positive Deviance Initiative at Tufts University, Boston.

    Positive Deviance is based on the belief that in every community, organisation, business or group, there are individuals ore entities whose uncommon, but demonstrably successful behaviours or strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their neighbours or colleagues who have access to the same resources.

    • How does this happen?
    • What can we learn from it?
    • Could it work in Glasgow?

    More information on the Positive Deviance Initiative is available on the organisation's website.


    GHFF4 November 06 Report Final