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Seminar Series 2: Lecture 3 - Prof Jennie Popay

17 Jan 2006

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Where's the evidence? The contribution of lay knowledge to reducing health inequalities

This lecture presented the case for lay knowledge and theories to be taken more seriously.  Professor Popay argued that lay knowledge is sophisticated, helps to answer questions about meaning and experience, and should be treated as an ‘equal but different’ voice in informing decision-making about policy and practice.  

Jennie Popay ASM 23

About the speaker

Professor Jennie Popay, Institute for Health Research, University of Lancaster

Jennie Popay is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Health at Lancaster University. She is a co-Investigator and with Irum Durrani is PHIRST LiLaC’s co-lead for public involvement. Her research interests include the social determinants of health and health equity; the evaluation of place-based policies/interventions; community empowerment; and the sociology of knowledge.

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