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Seminar Series 3: Lecture 5 - Dr Jeffrey Wigand PhD

13 Mar 2007

Glasgow, United Kingdom


 'Exposing deceit and wrongdoing in the US tobacco industry: lessons learned for health improvement'

Dr Jeffrey Wigand PhD, Smoke-Free Kids, Inc. led the fifth lecture in Seminar Series 3.

Key ideas:

  • Nicotine Delivery System: a term used by Tobacco Company executives to describe the main purpose of cigarettes.
  • Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette: a cigarette, constructed to self extinguish when left unattended.
  • Moral Imperative: Describes a situation when one is driven by one’s conscience, values and sense of right and wrong to take a course of action. Examples might include “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “first of all do no harm”. Dr Wigand related this to John Stuart Mills’ idea that the sole purpose of law should be to prevent harm to others. He used the term to help describe the turning point in his thinking about his involvement in the tobacco industry, when the burden of his experience made it impossible not to act and retain integrity. 

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