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Seminar Series 6: Lecture 5 - David Gustave

20 Apr 2010

Radisson Blu, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Code of the street - how we should re-interpret morality

At the fifth lecture of this Seminar Series, David Gustave, an Educational Motivator from the children's charity 'Kid's Company' delivered a seminar based on both personal biography and professional experience. He spoke about the needs of young people in the UK today, and how their needs can often be wrongly judged. He spoke about how young people seek the same types of fulfilment that many of us do - something that Kid's Company helps them to understand and work towards.




About the speaker

David Gustave

David Gustave has been an Educational Motivator with Kid's Company for four years. He was named as one of the 100 people who make Britain a happier place by the Independent on Sunday in 2009, and has been described variously as a 'social visionary' and 'Britain's Obama' by the media.

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