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Seminar Series 11: Lecture 1 - Prof Phil Hanlon

28 Oct 2014, 4.30pm - 6.00pm

The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU, United Kingdom


What have we learned from 10 years of GCPH seminars and what does it mean for Scotland's health?

Over the past ten years, as part of its aim to share insights and facilitate action, GCPH in collaboration with the International Futures Forum have run a winter seminar series as a way of introducing various perspectives and challenging new ideas. These seminars have covered a broad range of issues including for example, happiness, history, psychology, complexity, the environment and climate change, economics, philosophy, biology, epigenetics, lay knowledge and global health challenges among others. The series aims to encourage people to think about the basis of what they are doing, the worldviews it draws upon, and expose them to new and different perspectives and ideas. Participants are also encouraged to reflect on what implications the ideas which they hear about have for their own life and work.

In this first lecture of Seminar Series 11, Prof Phil Hanlon reviewed some of the important themes and big ideas that have emerged from the past ten GCPH seminar series and asked two questions: ‘What have we learned?’ and ‘What does it mean for the health of Scotland?’

About the speaker

Prof Phil Hanlon, Professor of Public Health, University of Glasgow

Phil Hanlon is Professor of Public Health at the University of Glasgow as well as Honorary Consultant in Public Health with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. He graduated in medicine from Glasgow University in 1978 and following clinical experience and a research post in the Gambia, found the true focus for his career – public health and, in particular, the challenge of improving health in Scotland.

Prof Phil Hanlon seminar

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