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GCPH Seminar Series 9 Lecture 2 - Dr David Reilly

4 Dec 2012, 4.30pm - 6.00pm

St. Andrews In The Square, 1 St. Andrew's Square, Glasgow, G1 5PP, United Kingdom


Human healing in the age of science: the art of the healing shift

What of healing?   

In this lecture Dr David Reilly described his exploration of what might emerge from our efforts to improve health and wellbeing when we shift our focus from external interventions towards life's innate drive to restore equilibrium and wholeness.  

His approach was born of necessity over twenty years ago when he was working with patients who were not responding to conventional techniques. Since then he has been learning how to help people access their own potential and expanding his knowledge of the automatic maps, that impact upon self-care, change and human flourishing.

Some years in, the learning was experimentally scaled from one-to-one to the group-based WEL programme. This was put into service as an action research developmental-demonstration model in the NHS Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow.  More recently the programme has been developed in partnership with the Scottish Government and extended into a primary care setting and staff welfare programmes.

Can the subjective inner life be rehabilitated from its battered and neglected place in evidence based medicine? Might the principles of wellness enhancement be scaled up to larger health care systems and population health?

Dr Reilly outlined promising preliminary results from this latest development of the programme and considered the potential to foster wellbeing and flourishing in everyday life.

The ideas behind the programme have formed an integral and important part of the Cultural Influence on Wellbeing Project led by Phil Hanlon who chaired the session.

Wellness Enhancement Learning - TheWEL Programme website: 

About the speaker

Dr David Reilly, Scottish Government's Lead Clinician for Integrative Care & Director of TheWEL and The Healing Shift Programmes.
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine, The University of Glasgow.
Consultant Physician, The NHS Centre for Integrative Care

Dr David Reilly MBChB, FRCP, MRCGP, Honorary DSc (University of Westminster).  He is currently Director of TheWEL Programmes, and The Healing Shift Enquiry, Founder and Director of TheWEL Charity.  Until 2016 he was a Consultant Physician in The NHS for Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow; and Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board’s Lead Clinician for people with CFS/ME.  He is still an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Glasgow University, and Visiting Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland, and visiting faculty for the Weill Cornel Univeristy in Doha, Qatar. He is a former visiting faculty member at Harvard Medical School, USA; he was The Scottish Government’s first National Clinical Lead for Integrative Care.

Dr David Reilly seminar

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