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PHINS 2021

30 Sep 2021

Online webinars, United Kingdom


Public Health Information Network for Scotland

PHINS 2021 webinar series: September-October 2021

As with last year, in 2021 we hosted three online webinars in place of the annual PHINS seminar.

The webinars focus on three important topics:

  • the continuing impact, and legacy, of COVID-19 in terms of homelessness and mental health
  • the commercial determinants of health
  • approaches to addressing post-COVID societal inequalities: community wealth-building; and addressing climate change

The Public Health Information Network for Scotland (PHINS) aims to keep public health professionals in Scotland up-to-date with national and local developments in public health information via bulletins, email updates and seminars.

Webinar 1: the continuing impact of COVID-19

Webinar 2: commercial determinants of health

Webinar 3: approaches to address post-COVID societal inequalities

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