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In-work poverty in the news

13 Dec 2013

Following the publication of the GCPH’s report ‘The rise of in-work poverty’, the topic continues to make headlines.

This week the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) published their annual report 'Monitoring poverty and social exclusion', in which in-work poverty was a key theme: more than half of the 13 million people living in poverty in the UK in 2011/12 were in a working family.

Aleks Collingwood, Programme Manager at the JRF, has written a blog on the subject for the New Statesman: 'The cycle between work and the dole is trapping millions in poverty' and both the BBC and the Glasgow Herald also covered the JRF findings.

The GCPH publication chimes closely with that of the JRF report, but also looks to the future. The GCPH authors, Chris Harkins and James Egan, examine the impacts of in-work poverty, poor quality employment and welfare reforms on population health and wellbeing through an engaging synthesis of international evidence and analysis of national statistics. 

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