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Animating Assets - Positive conversations, meaningful change

19 Nov 2015

'Positive conversations, meaningful change' is both the focus of the work of Animating Assets and the title of the programme's final report.  Published today, this report is the culmination of over two years of work undertaken in partnership by SCDC and GCPH with local communities and services in a number of areas in Scotland.

Together we explored the practical experiences and reality of asset-based working within services and communities. This report shares the stories from the local research sites and our collective learning. It highlights the very localised, creative and responsive approach taken, which supported real-time learning from real-life situations in the context of very real local issues. 

We hope the work of Animating Assets during this time has been a catalyst for stronger local partnerships and connections and a greater appreciation of the skills, strengths, resources and capacity of local people, communities and services.

View two digital stories on our YouTube channel, produced within the research communities as part of the project.

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