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New children and young people's data profiles

7 Dec 2016

There are 60 profiles in total, covering Glasgow as a whole, three large localities within the city (North East, North West and South Glasgow) and 56 neighbourhoods across the city.

The profiles comprise a broad range of indicators across different domains that we know are important for children and young people's health, wellbeing and quality of life throughout their lives. 

The aim of these profiles is to:

  • Provide organisations and communities with up-to-date and locally relevant public health intelligence relating to children, their health and their life circumstances across the city;
  • Show trends in key indicators;
  • Highlight health and socioeconomic inequalities;
  • Provide local level information for targeting resources and priority setting.

We have also produced a set of evidence for action briefings, which are a new addition to profiling in Scotland.  These briefings have been created in order to link the data in the profiles to the relevant evidence base for action. 

With this new resource we aim to inform children's services planning and delivery in Glasgow including planning and evaluation of new models of family support and early learning and child care in the city.  Information provided can also help local community and third sector organisations obtain a picture of key population health patterns, trends and issues in their local area which they can draw on for a range of purposes.  

In addition, the resource can be utilised in educational settings such as in secondary school modern studies curriculum, college/university courses etc.

You can view the profiles and evidence into action briefings, as well as the existing neighbourhood profiles, on the Understanding Glasgow website.  

Read a blog from Bruce Whyte, reflecting on what the data can tell us about children's health in Glasgow.

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