New three-cities report featured in the national media

26 June 2013

The latest report from our body of research into Glasgow’s ‘excess’ mortality has sparked a lot of media interest..

The report, published on 23rd June, is part of the Centre’s ‘three city’ research project which looks at differences between the UK’s three most deprived cities: Glasgow, Liverpool, and Manchester.

Survey responses were analysed to gain further insights, and investigate a number of theories proposed to explain Glasgow ‘s high levels of ‘excess’ mortality i.e. over and above that explained by socioeconomic deprivation.

Three city survey Newsnight1

Reflecting on the importance of the work during the interview, David Walsh, lead author of the report, stated: 

“You introduced this with the term ‘Glasgow Effect’ – I’ve actually stopped using that term, ‘Glasgow Effect’ as I think it’s used and abused a little bit and I think it excites a lot of people in terms of this mystery. But the bottom line is it’s not an exciting thing. It’s about why literally thousands of people die before their time in Glasgow – even when compared to places like Liverpool and Manchester – and it’s affecting individuals, it’s affecting families, it’s affecting communities, so it’s vital we try and understand that, and get to the bottom of it.”

Articles also appeared in the Scotland on Sunday and the Evening Times.

Further information and a download of the report can be accessed here. Hard copies of the report are also available on request.