New Glasgow neighbourhood data profiles available

26 June 2014

A set of new health and wellbeing profiles have been published today on the Understanding Glasgow website.

There are 60 profiles in total, covering Glasgow as a whole, the three sub-sectors of Glasgow’s Community Health Partnerships (North East, North West and South Glasgow) and 56 neighbourhoods across the city. 

Each profile comprises 27 indicators, covering a variety of themes: population; cultural factors; environment and transport; socioeconomic factors; education; poverty; and, health. 

These profiles provide Glasgow with a comprehensive new set of health and wellbeing data to inform action at neighbourhood level to support local communities. They highlight differences in health and life circumstances across the city on a wide range of indicators.

You can view and search the profiles by postcode, area list or by map - take a look here.

Download the full press release (PDF).