Population health trends

Understanding health, health inequalities and their determinants at national, regional and city levels.

Population health trends

Our research incorporates a number of areas of work which examine and compare trends in health and its determinants at a number of different geographical levels. This includes within Glasgow, in comparison with other Scottish and UK cities, and within a wider (e.g. European) context.

This helps us understand how Glasgow and other parts of Scotland are changing over time – what is getting better, what is proving resistant to change and what is getting worse – and also helps build a picture of future challenges in relation to demography, sustainability and socioeconomic inequalities (the drivers of health inequalities). 

Connections through our partners and more widely enable our analyses to inform local and national processes and priorities. There are also strong links to the research we conduct on children and families; money and work; healthy communities; places and regeneration; transport and travel; and resilience and power.

Our work focused on these particular topics aims to build an in-depth understanding of the range of factors that impact on health and wellbeing and what services, interventions and approaches could help tackle and alleviate some of these factors to improve population health and reduce inequalities.