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The changing ethnic profiles of Glasgow and Scotland

Sep 2017

The overall aim of the report was to provide a better understanding of the potential population health implications of the changing ethnic profiles of Scotland and, in particular, Glasgow.

The evidence regarding the links between ethnicity and health, particularly in a Scottish context, was reviewed, alongside analyses of past and future trends in the size of the non-White ethnic minority population. What emerged was an extremely complex picture, with different groups at greater or lesser risks of different diseases.

This complexity is enhanced because of the quite different socioeconomic profile of many ethnic minority groups in Scotland compared with those in other countries such as England and the USA. Given that projections suggest the size of Scotland’s non-White minority population looks set to increase considerably, it is imperative that policy-makers and service-planners seek to understand the possible implications of these changes to the population.

Access the related journal article (open access): Increasingly Diverse: the Changing Ethnic Profiles of Scotland and Glasgow and the Implications for Population Health.

The changing ethnic profiles of Glasgow and Scotland

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