Places and regeneration

The quality of places and how improvements are delivered within them matter for health. Access to good quality housing, local amenities and greenspace can support health and wellbeing and facilitate healthy lifestyle choices in the population. Poor quality housing and facilities, vacant and derelict land or a lack of maintenance are detrimental to health.

Places and regeneration

Through research and collaborating with partner organisations, our work aims to improve understanding of how the built environment can shape health and inequalities, as well as how different approaches to regeneration can result in better outcomes for communities and support local participation.

The social characteristics of places, such as connections between people and communities, social capital and community empowerment, are also very important for health and wellbeing and in creating healthy and sustainable communities. Our work which looks at these more social aspects of places can be found under Healthy communities.

We also have a set of neighbourhood level health and wellbeing data profiles.

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